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Dont most Black Women,"Pop the Coochie" when dancing?
atleast thats what we call it hear in D.C.....and the men just basically stand behind them and grind on them

piggybacking off of Choc's question
Omg, lol.
I named My cat Coochie Is that a good name? If not can you help me rename her?
Shes a calico cat with brown black and white fur with stipes.
You might as well name your cat Sex. If the cat runs away you will call out; Sex, oh Sex, where are you Sex.If someone asks you what you are doing you can say," I'm just looking for a little Sex." I guarantee you will find something.
What type of photo editing did they use for Rhiannas cover LOUD?…

(ex - black & white, sepia... ext. ext.)
It's called Selective Desaturation. In the Rhianna cover, they kept the red and yellow tones, and desaturated the blues out.
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I have never noticed this actually. Probably nolifers...
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