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How to handle a stupid teacher?
I have an English teacher who is dumb as nails. She is constantly incorrectly making corrections on my papers, and when I call her out on her mistakes, she reminds me that she has two degrees and a master's, as if having college degrees automatically makes her right.

Doesn't she know that almost anyone with a brain and some money can buy a college degree? How should I handle this **** *** *****!!!
make the corrections.

Id bet your teacher had higher than a 2.5 gpa in high school.
Could FAFSA (federal student aid) pay off a fee I owe from a previous attempt to go to college?
I attempted to go to college last year and only attended 2 classes before un-officially dropping out due to personal issues. I never contacted the college and filled out a voluntary dis-enrollment form. I simply just stopped going. I am a SSI dependent receiving a monthly check and my panic disorder got the best of me in a public atmosphere. My first and only payment from my financial aid was only 500 dollars and I did spend it on the necessary items required for my classes. but I never paid it back. I do receive letters from the college saying I owe that amount so I am pretty sure it wasn't part of any of my grants. Anyways, now that I have got my panic disorder under control, I wish to got to college again. The college of interest is different than the previous college and I do not know if that affects this issue. I have applied to FAFSA again but I have not received any decision yet. Because of my age, I am considered dependent though, I'm 20. This means I have to provide parental information like my parent's financial situations and how many times they wipe their *** a day.. Even though I don't live with my parents, they are still responsible for some monetary assistance because it's the government's way to provide less money. You have to be born on or before January 1st 1986. (22y.o.) My mother is a **** ***** who refuses to provide any of her info because she hates me and my father was never around, divorced my mother (don't blame him) and never paid guy support, doesn't have a job etc. Anyways I have to provide a SSI award letter and a detailed letter stating and describing my current living situation and specific details of why I can't provide parental info. Pretty much I have to tell them my mom hates me and refuses contact with me of any sort and my father is a worthless drug addict that I haven't had contact with for a very long time. (I can't just say my mom refuses to give her info because they will still force her to provide info because the gov is a tight wad. They'll contact her personally and state so) Blahhh!! Now that you know all the necessary information needed, I will finally get to the question. If I owe 500 bucks to the previous school from part of my financial aid I received, could I still get accepted by FAFSA and awarded my money and they can just take 500 dollars out of the sum I receive and give it to the college owed for me? Or will they refuse me payment over a messily 500 dollars out of my thousands I know I will get because I am in the the same situation as I was when I went the first time and saw the full amount I am eligible to receive because I am a nervous wreck to the point of receiving SSI? Plus now that Obama is president things could of changed since then, when Bush was president.
This sounds awfully complicated, you should contact your financial aid office but I would say no, that's not how FAFSA and the monies they award work.

You can contact your previous college to make payment arrangements if you need to.
Is it right for my parents to use them paying for my college as emotional leverage?
My dad has spent over $36000 for me to go to college, just to make sure that my student loans aren't ridiculous. He has taken up the graveyard shift at Bayer Corp. repairing the various machines.

The first year of college didn't go so well for me; I got involved in a debilitating crush on my roommate which I kept largely bottled up, and as a result, I had to retake an entire semester's worth of classes. My dad was furious, especially since he paid a hefty amount of money to send me to Purdue University at West Lafayette. Not too much later, I remember acting like a fool at our local supermarket, and he leaned in close and hissed in my ear, "Stop acting like a ****." I figured that he was so frustrated with the way I had wasted his money he was trying to get out his anger in the only way he knew how.

I continued my degree at home at the extension on the IUSB campus, with marvelous results, even scoring an honor roll on the last semester before I had completed my Associates Degree. I can thank a lot of my success to my professor. She was brilliant at what she did and a lot of her enthusiasm leaked into the classroom.

I went back for another semester, with my parents once again paying a hefty sum to make sure that I got through. That semester failed, and I do blame myself for it. I couldn't concentrate in any of the classes and I wasn't enjoying what I was doing in any of them. My solace came with a friend who I hold very close to me now, and look to him as a brother. He's helped me through many difficult times over the past couple of years, especially with the bouts of depression I experienced. He was also the one who helped me to finally get past that painful experience the first year of college, and to stop comparing myself to it. Hell, he even convinced me to stop feeling sorry for myself about my classes and to book it to get the final exams down pat.

I still failed the semester, and when I did attempt to discuss my friend (I'll call him "Joe") and what he had done for me, my dad simply referred to him as, "the most expensive friend you've ever had."

After a year of saving money and going to school for another degree (which I realize now that isn't what I want to do for the rest of my life), I spent around $400 on a cheap plane ticket to see Joe, and spent a week with him. It was one of the most enjoyable weeks I had spent in a long time, and I was even tempted to look for jobs in the area just so I could support myself and stay. I still had some unfinished business to attend to, so I had no choice but to come back.

When I came back, my parents were not happy, but also grateful that nothing horrible happened to me. (They lack a lot of trust in anyone besides immediate family, and even that is a stretch of their judgment.) They instituted a series of rules upon me, such as I have to clear who I spend time with with them first, and they must commandeer my electronics, such as my webcam. They say that they have to treat me like a 12 year old because I've made 12-year-old decisions. As an added demoralizing bonus, my dad even refers to Joe as my "boyfriend". Believe me, if Joe and I were boyfriends, we wouldn't be NEARLY as close as we are now.

Home life is awkward now. I've attempted a different degree, and now I see that it's not what I want to do with the rest of my life. I've decided to go back to my associates and find myself a job with that. My professor has been more than willing to assist me. As an added bonus, Joe and his family have told me that I could stay at their place for a little while to get acclimated to the area and to find myself the job I've always wanted. I know that my parents aren't going to be happy with that arrangement, but I know now that I've set myself up for my parents to take control of my life. Now is the time to move out, and yet...

I still feel guilty about having spent so much of their money. To assuage some of the guilt, I say to myself, "Who's the bigger fool: the fool who's expected to spend the money, or the fool who gives it away and then complains about how it's being spent?" But even I know that my dad worked hard for that money and to allow me and my brother and sisters to get a good education. But why didn't he spend this money on himself to give himself a quality education, then he could have gotten himself a better job than the one he has now? Why did he give up on himself? Is he living his dream vicariously through his own guyren?

What do you think of the situation?
Look, I can understand both sides of this story. It sounds like you've been coming to terms with your sexuality, and I'm sure that's difficult for your parents as well. I've been there, and have only been openly gay to my Dad for over a year.
However, I can understand also why he feels like you're making guyish decisions. You seem to be flitting from one program to another, with no focus. I don't think that it's a good time for you to be in school, especially if it costing so much money. When I was in university, I recall so many people doing the same thing, all on their parents' coin. It isn't fair to the student or the parent. You appear to need time to figure out what you want. I suggest taking some time trying different (paying) occupations. You'll gain a lot of perspective, and be able to pay back some money to your Dad, which will prove your capabilities as an adult to him.
I assume that you're very young (20?) and colleges aren't going to disappear.
How your Dad feels and what he's done or not done in his isn't really relevant. It's likely that his priority became raising his family and wasn't able to have the luxury you've had in doing what he wants.
Some dude i knew from secondary school and college thinks i'm weird?
He says I'm weird because I won't go anywhere with him. Here's the thing. in that whole tenure of secondary school to college, he's made my life nothing short of a living hell. He used to be a complete ***** about me behind my back, and used to rally around his other pals to try get them against me. He was really two faced. When I try to explain this to him, he just says a load of swear words that dont even relate to anything. I must say his favourite must be '****'. To my eyes, he's weird because all he talks about is 'I NEED TO GET LAID' or something. I wont go out with him because he'll probably ditch me, or make a really retarded scene. Even though i stopped involving myself with him, he still finds ways to say his favourite swear word at me and ask if i want to go anywhere. How to deal with?
He's overly hormonal and obviously incompetent in not only the bedroom department but socially as well.
You could use the terms 'sexual harrasment' and go to the head of the college and make a formal complaint. Or press charges legally. Or find someone built like a tank and hang around them.

This guy is either a jerk or seriously disturbed he may need some mental help...if near a police station let them know whats going on and drop the phrase 'i think he's disturbed'.
Perhaps if he is still with parents let them know whats going on i'm sure they would want to know what there precous angel gets up to...they may even help put him through counselling or better yet lock him in the attic for next twenty years.
How can I get over abuse as a guy and live as a functional adult?
I was verbally and emotionally abused by my stepfather for the latter half of my guyhood. He never did molest me physically but he did make lewd comments and insisted to my mother I was having sex when I was only 12, which I was not. Sometimes he would get drunk and actually crawled into bed with me a couple of times, I guess he thought I was my mother. I was always worthless, stupid, a **** and a ***** from the time I was 9, according to him. My older brother left because he had the option, but I didn't. I could never do anything right, and I never learned to trust myself or my instincts. That has gotten me into a lot of trouble in my adult life. I kept quitting college, because I was convinced I couldn't do it, I wasn't good enough. I married a man that abused me and my guyren, but I left him and we still do not have a place of our own. I am convinced I am a bad mother, so they often stay with my mom, but she thankfully divorced my stepdad a long time ago. How can I heal myself?
First of all, from the way you present your story, you sound very educated to me. Then again I don't know how old you are. But! You seem very smart, so that's one good step in the right direction! Plus the fact you're asking for help also shows you're strong and truly want to get out of the rut you're in.

I guess the mains things are:

-Try not to suspect everyone. If you've gone though something traumatic like this, you're apt to be suspicious of other people and not trust them. You might miss out on a good friendship.

-Don't abuse your guys. I believe you don't, and never will, after going through what you did. But many abused parents carry over that behavior to their guy. If you ever feel the urge to hit them, just don't. It's not worth it.

-Find more people like you. If you can, try to talk with other people who may have been abused as a guy. You two can help each other, and you may trust them more since they went through what you did.

-Try not to think about what happened so long ago. Of course, you can never forgive and forget, and I personally do not belive in forgiving such abuse. Just try not to get too sad or down about it. It's in the past. You're free now. You have control of your life, not your dad.

Good luck! You sound like you'd make such a wonderful mother! Don't doubt yourself so much!
My Daughter is being a ****-Muscle about our Plan?
When I was 22 I married a man I thought I love but faced an array of abuse both physical and verbal. After 2 years of marriage I left him and, moved across the country. However, shortly after my "new life" was to begin I discovered I was pregnant. I gave birth to a healthy girl, whose now 17... I never told my ex-husband he has a daughter.

Since her birth I have been plotting my epic return into his life. This coming month my daughter and I were to travel to the town where my ex-husband now lives with his young wife and, their two boys. We would "accidentally" run into him while looking at some colleges, where I would reveal to him he has a daughter. Hoping such a revelation will damage his marriage and life, fatally.

Now though my daughter has announced she has reservations about the plan. I have spent years informing her how awful her father is but, she is unsure about going through it. How can I get her back on track? We had a concrete plan. Now she's ******* it up. I've been planning my revenge for years and, I need her to be with me in this! Help!
a what muscle?
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Should i hate my bro for this?
tonight we got in a major fight...he said hurtful things..

he said he wanted to kick my as*& put me in place.. that i wasnt going to be successful cuz i have a big mouth(even though im a college grad and graduate student and possibly future law student.. he hasnt even finished college)
hes almost 30...his wife is a ****.they always bicker. im so pissed...i feel almost sorry for him. he said i was a loser for staying home for college when he went off at 17. that i dont respect my father...which is true but my dad hasnt been a good father figure. what should i it ok to feel hate for him? he so ignorant!
you'll make up.
he's probably saying all the bullcrap about going to college because he knows you'll be successful and he's jealous. he might say things which make you think he hates you because he's angry, but deep inside i'm pretty sure he supports you. you're brothers, after all. because his life seems so bad, you should find a way to help out?
as a responsible person -first, start by being the one to apoligize even if it's not your fault. it helps alot, if you're stubborn, just force it out! it will help tremendously. if he rejects your apology, just say sorry again. forgive and forget, this way it'll be easier to hate him less. you cant expect him to apologize first, because he never might (because he's so ignorant). so do it for him, you don't want to hate each other forever.
and.. respect your father more, even if he's not so great. when you think about it, other people have had it worse. be thankful you HAVE a father.. and that he gave life to you. at least show respect for that. cherish the moments you have before he's .. you know, gone.
Does being best friends with your ex increase your chances of winning them back?
Ok my ex girlfriend broke up with me in march. The break up was on good terms and we both agreed to it. We were going out for 5 years, I am now 22 and she is 21.

During our relationship we were best friends and loved each other unconditionally and since we broe up we are still best friends. We hang out with each other alot and have the same group of friends and we love each others company.

I love her to the end of the earth and would do anything for her even if that means stepping back for a while no matter how hard. Don't tell me to give up because love is a powerful thing and I have thought about it long and hard and AM NOT going to give up.

The only thing is she lived in france for a year for college and when we broke up she started likin this french ****. She went back for a holiday and I think she mite have gone to see him but she is with her friends. She is coming back soon to go back to college so should I worry about this french ********??

Nobody can tell me how I should feel but I would love some sound advice. PLEASE HELP!!!

Aidan ;)
Hi there's noway will you get her back just because your friends with her, in fact by staying so close to her will make what she does in her own life so much harder to deal with. Stay friends with her if you must but remember that being her friend doesn't give you the right to get involved in her personal life, being just friends means you have as much say in her life as you would do in your own male mates lives. Just wait for her to come back to you then you'll never have to worry that she doesn't want you because she chose to take you back herself, isn't that better than forever chasing her and then you never get her back?
Help me because i really hate my mum?
I completely understand how you feel, I HATE MY MUM! it was her birthday the other day and yes i admit i didnt come home from college i went out with my mates instead and came in at about half 9 that seems early but she went CRAZY at me! like she said that she disown's me, that she hates me, im a disapointment, never to call her mum, that she cant even say how much hate she has towards me because all the spiteful words she has already used up, that im a waste of space, im **** ***** etc, to be honest we argue all the time and to be honest i know for a fact and so does she that when i move out ill proberly never see her again i hate the woman so much! ever since i was young she picked on me and hurt my feeling always has told me im a disapointment that im a awful daughter to have, she said that im no longer part of the family that everyone in my family hates me, shes hit me before and weve got into fights like proper ones im 16 going to be turning 17, she said today to me that she will be no longer washing my clothes or giving me food and no money, she even said that im not allowed to use the shampoo and conditoner i think shes insane and has anger issues becoz shes always been ****** up like this, i hate her sooo much like she makes me SICK! thinking about her makes me ill she said that she doesnt even want me there at her death bed SHES ****** UP IN THE HEAD and needs medication or something..the thing is i might sound dramatic but this is the truth and it hurts me to be told im not wanted and a disapointment ***** and waste of time and not part of a family and disowned from your mum is pretty upsetting for me but at the end of the day the only thing you can do in this situation is deal with it and keep out of her way untill you can finally leave and never have to see THE **** EVER AGAIN! I ACTUALLY HATE HER WITH ALL MY HEART! you might think im being harsh but she said the exact thing to me!
Well, I can see were coming from the same place here. The difference is, my parents would never tell me they hate me or that I'm an awful daughter. Never. But I wish they did. I wish they would tell me I'm not part of the family, because then I can leave the house because thats what I want to do so badly. But I'm not even allowed to go out. I cant do ANYTHING. Litterally. I cant have sleepovers, go online, text, go over friends houses or go out anywhere. It sucks. I know they are doing it because they want to protect me though. But its just too hard on me. I'ma social person and I need to get out. But like, thats bad, I'm sorry. Although I'd rather have a mother like that so I could actually do things, but if your sick of her treating you like that, then sit down, and have a talk with her. Or you can even threaten to call DSS to deal with her because if she thinks your serious shell stop whatever shes doing to upset you because she doesnt want to get herself in trouble. You can do something about it easily.

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