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What is your opinion of naughty home-made videos?
If someone wanted to film themselves and their partner in the act... do you think it would be wrong to record it?

Note: this question is purely hypothetical.

Thank you.
Nothing wrong with at all - it's a private thing that you would only do with someone you trust, unless you WANT it to get out around the town.

It's certainly not for everyone, but as long as both people think it's a bit of fun then who is going to stop them?

I personally don't care what people do behind closed doors, I would want to know nor would I ever presume to judge anyone about it. Laugh maybe yes... :o)
Has any one seen the naughty home video of 2 AFL players with an under age girl? is it true?
She's about 15 or 16. Coery winguard mentioned it a few years ago on the radio .Its apparently doing the rounds again, the girl and the players smile and wave to the camera. I not see it yet but heard abourt it from a friend. i hope they are wrong its the last thing footy needs.
Yeah. True story.

I got it as gospel from the bloke who services my Austin A30. He verified that it was a true story as he heard it straight from the horse's (not donkey) mouth!

His uncle's brother's nephew was told by his neice's daughter's boyfriend, that he was told by a friend of a friend of Wayne Carey that he had heard it from the local milkman.

The girl is a 57 year old transvestite that works at the Happy Hooker's massage parlor & specializes in kinky acts - while dressed as a 15 year old schoolgirl.
Married Couple makes a naughty video and.....?
Married couple of 20+ years make a home video of the naughty variety if you catch my drift

Someone it gets leaked online on one of those amateur adult websites. Someone watching it recognized the married couple and went to speak to the principle..... huh?

Yeah the married couple are teachers, one at a High School and another at the Elementary. The officials are investigating and may strip the couple of their teaching licenses


Wife quit her job and husband is on a leave of absence

What do you think? Some parents say that their moral integrity is jeopardized. Others say leave them alone. What say you? Would you be that offended/disgusted/concerned if you knew your guy's teacher has a private moment on tape?

(What do I think? I think all those parents complaining are prudes. Those parents have guyren which means they have sex too and I'm SURE they all have different .... interests.... as well. Just because there is now a visual should NOT -in my eyes- make a difference in the teacher. Judge them by their TEACHING skills, not their BEDROOM skills)

for the audio story click:…
The guyren do not watch porn so I cant see a problem.
Too many people like to cause misery on others just to make themselves feel better.
Mean people suc ! ! !
Gay and Bi men:Have you ever done anything from the following:?
-Gave Money to Male Stripper
-Had secks at the pool
-Made a naughty home video for yourself, or even taking pictures
-Used adults toys
-Done / got oral in a vehicle while it was moving
yes to all of the above... ;-)

K-fed to release a "home video" of him and Britney?
How true is it that Kevin Federline will release a "home video" of him doing something naughty with Britney? If so, would You see it? Or you'd condemn that action.
k-fed is a drunk loser who cant rap or even perform
I need new ideas for a naughty video for my boyfriend?
We have been together for a couple years now, and we have to be long distance a lot (I move home for a couple months at a time when my mother gets real sick). We're an adventurous couple... up for anything, and it seems like we've done almost everything, or at least made plans to (haha). Anyway, we send videos back and forth all the time... usually just me peeling off clothes, and then playing.... um... alone. But they're starting to feel so boring! They're all the same... just different lingerie... and for once, I'm completely out of ideas when it comes to how to turn a guy on. So a little help? If it were your girlfriend, what would you wanna see? Guys... dont worry about being too graphic or offending me.... I just need ideas! (and you all can save the "don't do it.... it'll end up in the wrong hands." I'm REALLY not worried about that.)
try anal masturbation..hel go crazy horny and hel love it
Nearly naughty celebritey pics?
when celebrities have pics leaked online
do u think they really got leaked
or someone from their management put them there
i know for a fact the pics of avista amuyan got leaked online
because they where taken by one of her past freinds and they got into a fight and as payback she leaked some personal pics

but do u think personal home videos and pics are really leaked
or do they just say theyre leaked
Their publicity managers put them online.
Why Did Paris Hilton Release A Home Video Of Herself?
You Know The Video I'm Talking About..Her Naughty One..
DUH! She's obsessed with herself, was losing attention from the media so she decided to do something that would get people to notice her again. You know.. same thing as the britney spears madonna kiss lol
*Naughty Survey* Have you ever done any of the following....?
Smoked weed?
Ever had sex at church?
Woke up in the morning and did not know the person who was next to you?
Had sex for money?
Cross dressed?
Given money to stripper?
Ever got drunk at work, or went to work while still drunk?
Used adult toys?
Had sex in a pool?
Been w/ someone of the same sex?
Done / got oral in a vehicle while it was moving?
Made a nasty home video or took pictures?
Smoked weed? yes
Ever had sex at church? no. Sinner.
Woke up in the morning and did not know the person who was next to you? yes. Sinner.
Had sex for money? no
Cross dressed? yes. For Halloween. Really.
Given money to stripper? yes
Ever got drunk at work, or went to work while still drunk? yes and yes
Used adult toys? yes
Had sex in a pool? no
Been w/ someone of the same sex? yes
Done / got oral in a vehicle while it was moving? yes. Done.
Made a nasty home video or took pictures? no to the vid. Yes to the pics.
Whats going on? Is there a motive I am missing?
A friend of mine who is deeply religious and newly married is very upset with her new husband. Her husband made a new friend and his new friend is occasional making sexual comments regarding her and her husband.(He has also told her husband "I want to bang your wife HA HA we could swap HA HA LOL im joking") And she just recently found porn on her home computer (videos from Naughty America.) Which he said was his other friend Blah blah blah (He later admitted it was his). He also seems to be intentionally demoralizing her by saying things like sex with her is "Eh" and he can take or leave it and some times referring to her a plain etc.... He is younger than she is but she is very attractive and he is very overweight. What is going on? what is he trying to do? What should she expect? She loves him but ...... She has lived a very sheltered life as has he... (They are both part of a deeply religious organization?)
I'd say that he is trying to break her down in order to control her. Whatever his reasons, his current behaviour can only lead to unhappiness for her. She needs to get away from this situation as fast as she can, he may say he loves her, but the way he is treating her says that he really doesnt have a lot of respect for her or her feelings.

Oh, and she might try reminding him that sex usually involves two people, and if its a bit 'unexciting' than maybe he should look to himself as well.

I have a suspicion that he may be treating her this way because he thinks thats how marriages work, but its all wrong. If this is allowed to continue she may well become dowdy, unhappy and may feel she has no option but to stay with this man, on the basis that she wont feel attractive or strong enough to move on once he has broken her.

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