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Teens: bra and jean shopping. A little help?
I went to the mall yesterday. The two things I have SO much trouble finding are Bras and Jeans.

Where do you buy your bras? I usually go to target or Kohls. But I just remembered Aerie. Is that any good? Victoria's secret is not a place I'm shopping at.

I have the worse time finding jeans. I have wide hips and thick, muscular thighs. But VERY short legs. I usually buy 9 shorts. but it always seems like the length from the crotch to the waist is a mile long so it bulges out. and depending on the jeans, it can look like i have a penis. which is a no go.

where do you get your jeans? people with short legs or a body shape like me?

BQ: what is the hardest thing for you to find?
I have this really good bra from the Victoria's Secret Angels collection. It's like demi and lightly-lined or something. I'm pretty sure their annual sale is on right now or it's at least coming up, so you don't have to drop like $45 on a bra (kinda redunkulous).

Target has awesome jeans, for my body type. I'm gonna suggest Abercrombie or Hollister for you, because they have pretty short crotch-areas.
Do you wear push up bra(teen)?
i do i don't get what is wrong with them. every one in form spring answers no to those questions
They are sexy and all the guys like it so who cares
Is it ok for pre-teens to wear bra's to bed?
Ok well I'm 12 and I wear my bra to bed all the time because It's so uncomfterbal without them on. Many people say that its ok as long as its a training bra, or some people say no, or people say it dosen't matter what kind of bra you wear. So is it alright to wear one to bed because I have tried not wearing one and I couldnt go to sleep.
As long as you are comfortable its fine. You will not hurt yourself or get a disease because you wear a bra while sleeping.
What would you do if your 13 yo daughter, a c cup, told you she doesn't want to wear a bra any more?
Mine did, said bras suck, she wants her breasts free and doesn't want wear one any more. Said many of her girl friends don't wear one and their moms dont mind. Shd got a sound NO WAY! Though it's her body, bras and even the type of bras a teen wears are a mom's decision. I love and protect my girl.
im not trying to be rude but letting your daughters boobs show through her shirts and especially with such big boobs is where i would draw the line. honestly it kind of sounds like an excuse to show off that area. i think your are doing the right thing by trying to protect her because even if she isnt intentionally trying to, it will bring some unwanted attention which could put her in a bad postition. as much as you love her stand your ground on this one...its good for the both of you.... good luck♥
Bra help from teens?
ok so i wear a push-up bra [34B] daily because that makes me feel better, but now i am going out, and i want to look nice and have some clevage [i am 14 btw] , any good ideas?

oh and please no comments like 'you are too young to care about your cleavage'

thanks so much

wear a top that's low cut and fitted
I need help finding a bra online?
Hi, I'm 15, and I need desperate help finding 30B bras. I'm a petite girl with a very small chest (I'm 5'4, 106 pounds (mostly muscle), with a 23 inch waist and 32 inch hips). It's very hard to find bras at this size, so I need some padded underwire bras for teens, not guys or adults, that I can order online. I live in the US, so I cannot order from a company outside of the country. I need them in 10 days, preferably less time. I leave for vacation on July 16th and I would really love it if I didn't have to wear sports bras all the time like I have to now. I would like to not have to do that for school either. I'm not girly, so I just want simple colors: white and black. If possible, I would prefer some bras that have straps that will hook in the back (for tank tops and such) because I need to hook the straps so they are not loose, as I am very small from my shoulders to my chest. I also need them to be comfortable. I also need one black strapless bra, if you can find it. If not, I'm sure I'll find it before homecoming next year (if I decide to go).

So, again, 30B bras with straps that will hook in simple colors like black and white, no pushups, and no 32A bras, which do not fit the same (I only say this because a lot of people will say 32A will be just fine and fit the same, but it is too big in the band for me).

Thanks so much for the help!
Try aerie or gilly hicks. That's where I get mine :)

Answer mine?
Best teen bra for school?
ive been wearing a bra for about 2 years now im14 and a 32-34 aa or a depending on wear i get it.... i have very tiny breast my sister is 17 and is a 36 c same with my mom. i want a bra with soft cups but wire free and no seams something to wear under tshirts and stuff. i would prefer it to give a little cleavage. what is the right bra for me from kohls preferably the womens/juniors section i hate getting bras from the girls section it reminds me how small my breasts are
Haha I'm the exact same way.. and I'm 16 d:
I go to bealls. They have really cheap bras that fit perfectly on me (they're about $5 each). Goodluck!
How to ask my Grandma for a padded bra [13 years old] Teens please help!?
Alright, I went to the mall about 4 months ago and got my first padded bra. [Im turning 13 in 2 days.] and I was really happy. My mom is an alocholic and doesnt have money to buy me bras, and there is no hand-me-down bras left over from my sister. So, we are going birthday shopping tomorrow at the mall, and I really want another bra! This is because I only have one bra, and I always wear it! I have never washed it because my mom deosnt know I wear one yet, and I only have 1 and cant take it off and wash it. Im really nervous that if I ask to get a bra again, she will think Im obsessed and dont need it! But I really need one badly because I cant keep having the same one on EVERY SINGLE DAY! Please help me! Thanks! ;]
Just ask her. Parents are really dumb and dont realise that you only have one bra to wear unless you tell them. I was in a even worse situation when I started my period and when I had to get my first bra, I was living with dad because my parents live apart. Luckily, I went to China to visit a my relatives that year and got my older cousin to ask my aunt to go buy underwear with me. They were really understanding and could tell I was embarrassed. When I started my period I had to secretly sneak to the shops to buy it coz I was too scared...but then mum asked me one day over the phone and I blurted it out and now I can just pick and dump in the trolley each time we go shopping. I'm still embarrassed about it though. I need a padded bra too (ugh, why are my boobs growing so early? So annoying. I'd rather have my chest flat until 15 like some)so it's not obession.
I have no idea on my bra size? so confused?
Okay. My underbust measurement is 28 inches.
and my overbreast measurement is 30 inches.

this site…
claims to add 5 inches to the underbust measurement and round up to the nearest even number. which gives me 34.
now take this number away from the first. 34-30 = 4.
a 4 inch different means a D cup?! what on earth? that cannot be right im much smaller. is the site accurate? someone help?
Firstly it says take this number away from the first, so it would be 30-34 not the other way around. Making you a minus 4 LOL! But honestly this is so wrong and it is wrong because they have added inches to your band size. DO NOT ADD INCHES TO YOUR BAND. It is soo outdated. Bra bands stretch so there will be no need to add inches. Some places say to add inches to your band because they dont carry a large range of sizes. Most shops wont have bands under a 32

By your measurement you would be a 28B. 28 because that is your underband measurement. B cup because the difference between both measurements is 2 inches. Each inch equals a cup.

Measuring is just a starting point, you need to try on a see if it fits correctly. Your band should be snug and parallel to the ground. Your breasts should be enclosed in the cups with no gaps or bulges.

Good luck!

This youtube vid is great and could help you…

Also read this…
I am a late bloomer but i think im ready for my first bra i asked my mom if i could have one but she said no?
she said bra's were for girls who needed one. she was also a late bloomer. I was really embarresed wen this happened. so one day i went to thr lingerie section and tryed on a some traing bras and some teen bras. i liked the ones that helped my breasts take shape. i felt i was ready and asked my sister for help. she told me i needed to talk to mom. but now im scared! i feel so bsehind cuz all my friends started growing over a year ago. now that im starting i dont know what to do. i feel like i cant talk to my mom.
Buy the darn bra and be done with it, if your mom won't help you. Your mom is being silly -- what difference does it make whether you wear a bra or not? It's just a piece of clothing -- it's not like a chastity belt or something!! Moms get silly about stuff like this, because they have trouble dealing with their babies maturing.

Don't worry about the size of your breasts compared to your friends -- everyone gets there eventually. But if you would feel better with a bra, then you should buy one. Or get a sports bra, for some coverage and light support.

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